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painted photography

Together with Ben Wiesenfarth, a photography pro with a strong propensity to ‘play’, graphic artist Guido Herrmann experiments with paintings -- or more precisely painted photographs -- of automobiles. 

Exquisitely staged and shot using the photographer’s finest skills, the images are subsequently refined and ‘painted over’ by the graphic artist: with supreme attention to detail, creating subtle, fluid transitions between the real and the painted image, and resulting in unique works of art.

Given that all things thinkable are paintable, the GAME BOYS are game for any artistic challenge: be it an original to be presented ‘1:1’ in the proper light or select models in various scales spectacularly staged. Captured for posterity as one-of-a-kind on finest art paper, mounted on an aluminium dibond board of up to 3000 x 1500 mm – frameless or set in a tailored shadow gap frame. Or reproduced on glass, wood or metal. For your own four walls, for exhibitions, museums, show rooms, trade fairs and other events. Or as a digital image for promotional purposes. The sky’s the limit and the GAME BOYS’ enthusiasm can be inspired for any project. They’ll create your very personal one-of-a kind work of art for a fee starting at 2,000 euros (net) plus production costs.